My Oura Ring Thing

“She took me to her doctor and he told me I was cured”


So, I’ve been using my Oura Ring now for a fair few months and I find it a great piece of kit. So interesting.

In a kind of perverted way I get a buzz out of looking at the morning data to see how I feel. Whatever happened to just feeling how you felt by feeling how you feel?

Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with eating more protein on the basis that if doctors tell you protein is bad for you it just can’t be. Well not really but…

As an older carbon unit I simply feel loss of muscle and sarcopenia are a real big concern for anyone over 50 and I am nearly quite a bit older than that. I am super intrigued about the concept of the carnivore diet and got into this as many people do by watching Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan and later through the work of Paul Saladino and many more really.

There is something to the #meatheals theory but in all honesty I am not 100% convinced that being meat-only or totally animal based is the way forward. It’s complicated and I am planning on getting into this in a much larger way over the next few months.

Anyway, for now, I am looking at this…

Over the last year or so my resting heart rate has been around 55 and lately it is much higher. Even in the early hours of the morning (when I am sort of asleep) and I am wondering why this might be. The contenders are:

  • Not lifting weights for the last two months so my fitness has decreased
  • Eating no meaningful vegetables
  • Eating a higher protein diet
  • Drinking two pots of coffee a day (been doing this for some time)
  • A Multivitamin every two days or so
  • Fasting until 2pm every day (although I have been doing this for some time)

So it is time to investigate.

One final note is to document here that Marty Kendall has done great working talking about nutrient density and expanding on the Carnivore hypothesis and a big shout out must go to Ted Naiman who really has kept it very simple with his PE Diet

To conclude there is something here but what? There is quite logically a no one-size-fits-all plan for health. We live in a world that is so far from our ancestral beginnings that to even think there is a simple solution is, well, kind of bonkers.