Death Is Not Your Friend

Well, I’ll start but just saying it. Death is not your friend.

Or as Nick Cave puts it, not the end.

Today, on Tuesday 25022020 the end feels like this. The Corona virus has given a lot of journalists and TV(slash)Radio commentators a lot to talk about. And that is good surely? It feels very comforting that all these well-paid folks can be secure in their place. But is it news they tell of? Is it news that we are hearing? Or is it agenda?

I am feeling more and more convinced that nothing is as it is told. The world feels very manipulating and the people in it are the manipulated.

Beware the agenda of larger organisations they are pulling in a different direction and one that is not for the good of all.

Listening to Nick Cave Ghosten and it feels right that this is the sound of today.

Be good and always disbelieve what you are asked to believe

Corona 24022020

Still pissing down in glory town.

Stock market has taken a tumble as Corona has now spread to Iran and Italy. Interesting that both these countries start with the letter I! Maybe the Universe in all its wisdom has decided to decimate the planet in an organised and alphabetical way.

Jamaica beware.

Somehow I just don’t see this spreading to Bob’s domain.

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