Ghost Music but not a clay pot in sight.

Saturday 29th February and I am drawn here first thing. It’s raining. It’s fearful in the world currently. Things are upside down. It’s 2020.

“Maybe before you die, it’s your ghosts you see.”

― Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall

Maybe my ghosts brought me here and today does feel like a good day to die I guess. Some will.

In my mind the thought ‘today is a good day to die’ has always been a kind of mantra. Nothing to be scared about. If you think for a minute it really is a positive comment with no frills. It doesn’t mean you want to die, but… if it is your time it is your time.

Many people have claimed to have coined this. The Klingon race, Crazy Horse, Bruce Willis to name a few and many people still breathing just would not get it but…

Sometimes it’s a good day to die and sometimes it’s a good day to have breakfast”

Sounds like a good idea…

Breakfast that is.

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